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Four Seasons Bahrain Bay Decked Beautifully for A Spectacular Wedding by Milestones to Memories

Set amidst the scenic city of Bahrain, this wedding planned by Milestones to Memories was a combination of extensive planning and ideation.It took five rigorous months for Aarti Manocha’s wedding planning team to come up with the concept, theme and highlights of the wedding. Along with this, there were multiple recces to the destination with the couple’s families that helped them come to a conclusion. The schedule was designed accordingly to make it a great combination of hospitality,……

Link : Fourseasons

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    Ashton Porter
    Posted December 2, 2021 at 4:01 pm

    Phasellus et ipsum justo. Aenean fringilla a fermentum mauris non venenatis.

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