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MtoM Wedding Curators:

Weddings are a celebration of a life-time. We at MtoM are driven by beautifying the details. Each ceremony, each interaction, each finer nuance is taken care of. Right from picking the best destination, to identifying the most suited artists, to the décor which can be nothing short of WOW, to a sangeet which becomes a musical to remember, to managing the logistics using our excellent industry relationships of some of the best hotels and logistics partners across the world. Our turnkey offerings are all dedicated towards achieving just one thing – a wedding celebration as memorable as the wedding itself! If it’s your special day, we leave no stone
unturned to make it a memorable one.

Milestones Celebrations:

Life is all about celebrations. Be it a birthday, an anniversary, an achievement or a milestone that you worked so hard for, it’s about sharing the happiness of these moments with your loved ones. For us at MtoM, these celebrations go beyond just the basics. It is about bring your personality alive in everything that your guests interact with. Be it the décor, the engagement activities, the highlight moments which stay in people’s minds, the overall experience is custom designed as per your persona. After all, your celebration is a reflection of you.

Milestones Holidays:

Holidays, an integral part of our modern lifestyle, is not just an escape from the daily grind, but also an aspiration in our bucket list.We at MtoM believe that your each vacation should be an album of soulful memories. To achieve that, we assist you with identifying exotic locations offering hand-picked experiences adding value to your time spent there, while we take care of all ticketing, documentation, etc.