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Hospitality to others simply means taking care of guests and making them feel comfortable. We take hospitality a notch higher with our intuitiveness, recognising our guests’ needs even before they express them. It’s is just a way to make every moment a cherished memory.

  • The MtoM team extends the warmth and impeccable hospitality to all your guests from the time we start inviting them on your behalf untill we bid them goodbye.
  • From bespoke stationery to charming wedding favours we make sure the gifts you     give are not just customized but whimsical too.
  • Our specialized team works round the clock to take care of all possible needs. The team works in making sure, right from smooth check ins to
    fixing your salon appointments to ensuring your guest are extremely comfortable and well taken care of.
  • Digital Communications like #HASHTAG or website or wedding app can be created to treasure memories of the wedding.
For the most important occasion for the couple, we believe the invitation has to be special. We assist you in shortlisting the best vendors for designing the Invitations.
This isn’t it, the hospitality services list is long and we take pride in fulfilling the smallest details to make our guest happy. As we believe that God is in the details.