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Destination: Rajasthan/ India

Experiences: Historical sites, Visit to forts and palaces, exploring local culture and food, desert and more

Duration: 3N/ 4D

Visa requirement: Foreign Nationals would need to obtain Indian Visa

Rajasthan has a glorious history. It is known for many brave kings, their deeds; and their interest in art and architecture. ‘Rajasthan’ means “the land of the Kings (rajas)”. It was also called Rajputana (the country of the Rajputs).
It has beautiful structures, enchanting edifices and stunning architecture along with culture that will just enthral you. Yes, Rajasthan is one of the most colourful states of India, acquainting visitors with the culture of its own, providing experience of valiance and chivalry through its great line of Rajasthan Forts and Palaces. Scattered all around in the state, these palaces and forts have a uniqueness of their own, with each one of them narrating a story about its kings, kingdom and colourful culture.
In earlier times, Rajasthan was divided into twenty princely states and each of its ruler built forts and palaces in Rajasthan to safeguard their subjects and leave a peaceful life in the opulence of their kingly luxury. Moreover, the other reason for building such an amazing and luxurious palaces was to show off their wealth and their artistic taste towards designing and literature.
Now, most of these havelis and palaces have been developed and modified into heritage hotels with present day interiors and rugged exteriors that is astoundingly amazing. A lot of them still retain their old glory and exquisite décor. The mixture of traditional and contemporary allows tourists to see these remnants and enjoy the grandeur of living in one of them, even if it is for a while. Moreover, all these palaces reflect the symbol of power and hospitality offered by Rajasthan.
Rajasthan, the land of Kings, has royal grandeur and a glorious history; it is a charming and captivating state of India. It is a tourism destination with lots of tourist attractions and good tourist facilities. This historical state of India attracts tourists and vacationers with its rich culture, tradition, heritage, and monuments. It is also rich in its flora and fauna with some of popular wildlife sanctuaries & national parks.
Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Kota are famous destinations in Rajasthan for its Palaces, havelis & lakes.
Ranthambhore National Park is famous for sighting the striped showstopper. The opaque green copse of trees that drape the forests will give you a glimpse of the wild lands of the country. Bharatpur bird sanctuary will fascinate you with rare bird species especially if you are a birding enthusiast.
Get mesmerised by the highly cultivated classical music and dance with its own distinct style that is part of the cultural tradition of Rajasthan. The music is uncomplicated and songs depict day-to-day relationships and chores, more often focused around fetching water from wells or ponds.

* The cost mentioned are indicative and are for land arrangements only.

* Cost of visa and flights not included in the indicative pricing given.